Yuumi Kikushita
Occupation Teacher
Weapon Knife
Series Yandere: I Love You So I Have To Kill You
Voice Actress Mai Fujii

Yuumi Kikushita is one of the Love Interests from the obscure Visual Novel Yandere: I Love You So I Have To Kill You.



Yuumi is a buxom, average height adult with a fair complexion and dark blue, hosome-style eyes. She has short brown hair with long bangs, some of which reach her chin. She has a beauty mark at the corner of her left eye.

She is normally depicted in a white form fit tank-top worn beneath a green opened jacket and skirt with long slits on each side, along with a pair of black tights.


As a teacher, Yuumi is strict and studious. But she is admired by her students because of her maturity and calm personality, as well as her fashion sense and natural confidence. She is charismatic and mischevious at times, bu often makes assumptions.

What most don't know about her though, is that while extremely sexual she longs for a real relationship. Age appears to be no problem for her, as long as there is love- even if she imagines it.



She uses a kitchen knife.


Subaru - In her worst ending she forces herself into his home and they have sex, where she orgasms after biting him. But after he mentions wanting to get away from her, she stabs him to death and chops up his body, cooking the remains and eating them.

Saki -

Maika -


Subaru - His homeroom teacher, she has trouble keeping her hands off of him. Later in the game she has a tendency to spend her evening knocking on his door, pounding on his windows, and ringing his doorbell several times. She is very clingy towards him and will resort to anything to get to him- even walk into male restrooms if she knows he is inside.

Saki - They mutual hate each other and pretend as though no animosity exists in front of witnesses.

Maika - She is envious of Maika, but she is willing to defend her against the other girls or bullies.


In one ending, Subaru kills her with a box cutter for defense. Saki walks into the room to find this and eats the remains.




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