Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai Kawaii-!!
Kanji 我妻由乃
Age 14
Birthday November 16
Occupation Student
Weapon Knife
Series Mirai Nikki
Voice Actress Tomosa Murata

Yuno Gasai is one of the main characters from Mirai Nikki. She's a psychotic yandere murderer and yearns for a boy named Yukiteru.



She has long pink hair pulled into pigtails held with tiny bows and fluffy bangs. She has matching pink eyes.


Yuno is somewhat ambiguous. For the most part she is a sweet, feminine and sometimes shy girl when around Yukiteru. But, this masks her dark and sanguinary side— a ruthless, cold and calculating psychopath who has little, if any, problem in using others for her ends- her and Yukiteru's survival. She will resort to cruel and usually violent methods, most of the time coming out of nowhere, that generally end in bloody deaths of either the Diary Holder or any respective follower.


Yuno wasn't always insane. Her brutal personality mostly results from abuse inflicted by her mother and the absence of her father, which finally ended with their deaths two years prior to the Survival Game. This was the beginning of her changes, as she later became quite lonely and sorrowful. This is shown in her somewhat morbid habits of talking to her parents' dead bodies, telling them about her day, and claiming she will bring by Yukiteru. When Aru Akise moved their bodies, she became angry and said her parents were sleeping and that he woke them up. Later she even took their heads with her when she trapped Yukiteru in a hotel.

The point when Yukiteru told her they would marry when they grew up became a pillar of support that gave her much needed stability. Her obsession for Yukiteru grew to escalating proportions to the point that she was willing to harm those whom she believed would take Yukiteru away from her, such as friends, rivals, relatives, other girls, etc. At one point she even kidnapped Yukiteru and held him hostage. Aru Akise stated that Yukiteru provided a stabilizing influence in her normally chaotic and violent life.

Her obsessive love escalates to the point that she was prepared to resort to violence if Yukiteru's mother ever opposed her, stating that she did not "need her tools." Furthermore, she threatened to kill Tsubaki Kasugano, and immediately panicked that Yukiteru's friends Aru Akise, Hinata Hino, Mao Nonosaka, and Ouji Kosaka would take Yukiteru away from her, forcing Yukiteru to calm her down and announce their official "relationship", much to Yuno's joy and his own despair.  

Despite her insanity, Yuno has shown some reservedness to killing. This is shown when, after Yukiteru calls her his girlfriend, she instantly lets Hinata go when she intended to slit her throat. The fact that she did this rather than killing her anyway to ensure that there was no chance Yuki would fall for her suggests that she doesn't actually enjoy killing; she merely does it because she sees no other option. It is shown many times in the series just how deeply insecure Yuno truly is when she says her life wouldn't be worth living if she couldn't be the center of Yuki's world. Her crippling fear of losing him is notably the only thing that can cause her usually disturbing composure to crack. 

In the third world, the third Yuno seemed to be very nice and calm, possibly because she still had love for her parents and there was no survival game for them to participate in. This allowed Yuno to stay mentally sane. However, as a side effect of receiving her 1st World self's memories, it is implied that she might still remember some of the things that occurred in the first world as she states that she feels as if something is missing. 



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