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Yukino Aizawa
Kanji 相澤 雪乃
Series Hard Love
Voice Actress Nana Nogami

Yukino Aizawa is a character from an older visual novel Hard Love. She is related to Miki Aizawa.



Yukino has long indigo hair with thick, straightened bangs and long curled forelocks beneath her shorter, straightened locks that cover her ears. She has red eyes and a fair complexion. Her body is well-developed body. 

She wears a black bikini-style top connected to her split black skirt lined in white by a thin chain. Her skirt is cut to reveal most of her leg and the white garmet beneath it. She also wears a black and white bolero and a large black ribbon in her hair. Around her neck is a black collar with a ruby diamond hanging from it, matching the ribbon on her lower arms.


Deeply in love, Yukino is a friendly and sweet girl with a princess-like nature. She is somewhat spoiled, but genuinely not a bad person unless someone attempts to take away her love interest.




Miki -





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