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Yui Haruhara
Occupation Student
Series Yanda Watashi ni Seieki Choudai ♪
Voice Actress Ayumi Okuyama

Yui Haruhara is one of the Main Characters in Yanda Watashi ni Seieki Choudai ♪. A game about a lone-wolf type boy who finds the three girls in his life have suddenly turned into lovestruck yandere. The only way to lift the curse is by "loving them" all in a sexual way.



Yui has a fair complexion and is the most developed of the three girls in the game. She has warm chocolate-colored eyes and long, pale brown hair mostly worn loose with a small amount held up with red ribbon in short twin-tails. Her tuft of bangs ends above her eyes, while her forelocks reach her chin. She wears a white flower on the side of her head.

Her attire consists of the school uniform in game.


As the Players childhood friend, Yui seems to have always had a close and affectionate nature with them.







  • Her blood type is A.
  • She is into bondage, mainly with the use of rope.


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