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Occupation Student
Series Brass Restoration

Yoshine is one of the love interests from a visual novel known as Brass Restoration.



Yoshine has a fair complexion with long, silver-lilac hair worn hime style with darker eyes. 


A sweet girl of wealth who latches on to those she likes fairly quickly. She is fancy and polite to everyone and can be quite the airhead. However, she is clingy and a little possessive with the one she loves, doing what she can to receive even a little affection from them. Such as using a sedative on them or making jokes of it, kidnapping them through the use of a fake vehicle, and passing threatening notes to them so that they will interact with her and make it appear natural




Ryo -  The Player character who she falls in love with. While she is extremely caring of him, she is shown to be much more aggressive and violent. She is open about making death threats to make him sit with her, and even attempted to undress him after strapping him to a bed. Her composure completely flies out the window when in his presence.  

Koutarou - Someone with a crush on her that she knows. He gets extremely violent and envious and strikes Ryo in an attempt to rid of him when Yoshine shows interest in him. 





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