Yandere who originated or appeared in Video Games. This includes Dating Sims/Otome Games, and Games made by people on the Computer/unnoficial video games.

Only add her if she is defined as a yandere or has behaved as one. One-time gags do not count.


(For series with 3+ Yandere)

Yandere: I Love You So I Want To Kill YouEdit

Kurukuru FanaticEdit

Yanda Watashi ni Seieki Choudai ♪Edit

My Harem Heaven is Yandere HellEdit

Midori no UmiEdit


Dating Sim/Otome Game/Visual NovelsEdit


Freeware or App GamesEdit

Games produced on Computers with the aid of WOLF RPG Editor or similar programs. 

Platform/System GamesEdit

(Games officially made for Game Systems)

Hand-held GamesEdit