Okay, so despite getting little to no members here- the poll is somehow currently tied with 10 votes on each side. Originally when I checked it, No/Wait had more votes, but then Yes led for a good while...

Basically, because tomorrow is the wiki's first anniversary, I plan on making the Boy version! In this case yes it will be intentional. For those of you who don't remember or never saw my page, I made this wiki on Valentines Day. It wasn't intentional when that happened, but I want this to be; because it makes it further symbolic.

The wiki will essentially follow like this one, in that its a databse for Yandere. However it will focus on the boys obviously.

If this place ever manages to attract some members I also plan to make a "Yandere OC/Fanon Wiki" for all of us who adore us some crazies and want to make our own XD but that is ONLY if this place starts to get members. I mean, I work hard on this wiki, I kinda wish I knew my efforts were paying off...

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