Lots of A's huh. Anyhoo, I realized last night that this wiki will be celebrating its 1 year anniversary VERY SOON!

February 14th in fact~

I'd like to think people for making this possible, but... sadly, I'm the only person I could think to thank. This place has no members other than the occasional lookie-lou. While it is frustrating, I can't say I was surprised either, because this isn't a wiki set to a specific series, or even a fanon wiki, it's more or less just a nice collective database for fans of a character TYPE/Personality. 

Perhaps I knew this was a risk, but I have a lot of fun and I love this wiki anyway.

Aw, you love Wiki-chan~ That's so sweet~

Not now.

Will Wiki-chan be getting a brother soon~?


In other news, I've been observing the poll since I started it. It seems to stay nearly tying in every instance I check it out and right now people WANT to see a wiki for Yandere Boys as well. I'm not entirely sure if I want to make that just yet, and have considered my options.

I could hold off until I feel this is about as done as I can get for the time being, or I could suddenly turn around and make it two days from now XD

My main plan is to wait until this wiki's anniversary, then make it, for double symbolism~

Anyway, that's about it for now. If you bothered to read this then thanks.

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