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Weapon Scissors
Series Midori no Umi

Tsumugi is one of the main characters of the Midori no Umi. A game about a young man who finds himself in a strange new home full of troubled Amnesiacs.



An adorable loli with a fair complexion and large, dark emerald eyes. Her long brown-pink hair is worn in twin-tails held with two pink polka-dot pattern wrapped candy bows, with parts of the hair worn in shorter tails. She has a cowlick and short tufts for forelocks. She wears a frilly yellow dress with white ruffled trim on the skirt, each portion lined in pink to match the chest section, collar, and sleeve cuffs. Accenting this is a cookie-styled handbag and thigh-length stockings. 


Tsumugi appears to be highly lazy and immature with a poor work and studying ethic. She is cute and well-aware, often spending her days taking naps. Because of this she is viewed as an idiot in the Mansion, but she is talented with sewing.

It is implied throughout the game that this personality may be fake.




Michiru - She clings to her because of her mature and sisterly personality.

Chisha - She doesn't get along with her. While she is the proper older sister type, she can be nosy and a bit of a bully and attempts to make the others learn math.


Tsumugi wields a pair of scissors.




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