Touko Mizuhara
Series Kara no Shoujo

Touko Mizuhara is one of the main characters of Kara no Shoujo. A mystery game staring a detective attempting to figure out who is the cause of recent murders occurring in town.



Touko is a fair skinned teenage girl with a thin, underdeveloped frame. Her small eyes are black, matching her short, straightened hair.


Touko is a negative girl who keeps to herself. As she attends a rich, all girls school she feels as though she is unable to measure up to the others. As a result, she is very attached to her best friend, Toko, who was naturally kind to her despite knowing she was poor. She has a low opinion of herself and everyone else, and usually spends her time doing art. 




Toko Kuchiki Her best friend at school she has come to worship over her kindness. She is obsessed with Toko and gets envious if she spends her time with others, since they spend nearly all of their time together.

Reiji-  The protagonist and detective in the game who lends Toko a hand figuring out what happened to her.



”Stay away from Toko, please.”



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