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Touko Ichinotani
Kanji 一乃谷刀子
Occupation High School Student, Miko, Jinyou
Weapon No-dachi, "Bunichi" (anti-spirit katana)
Series Ayakashibito
Voice Actress Isshiki Hikaru

Touko Ichinotani is one of the heroine characters in Ayakashibito. A game about the youkai and humans living together and born from them; half youkai.



Long, straightened grey hair with long forelocks held in a triangle shape just reaching her shoulders. Her bangs are parted at the middle, with most of them off to the side. Her small eyes are a similiar color.

Due to sharing her body, it can appear delicate and feminine one minute, or stronger and less-developed the next.


Touko is compareable to a Yamato Nadeshiko. She cooks for those she likes and is very friendly, with an elegant, refined disposition. She is also honorable and kind, and can be a little shy at times.

While normally relaxed, Touko can become a bit possessive and has no problem teasing others. She is also very scary when angered.

Often-times she is caught in her fantasies and spends her time daydreaming.


Her jinyou origin is from an Ushi-oni ancestor, and because of this, her body is shared with her brother, Shuugen.







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