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Suzune Harukawa
Occupation Student
Series Netorare Kanojo ~Gifu no Nikubou o Kuwaekomu, Ai Suru Ore no Kanojo~
Voice Actress Yuzuko Konoe

Suzune Harukawa is one of the Main Characters in Netorare Kanojo ~Gifu no Nikubou o Kuwaekomu, Ai Suru Ore no Kanojo~. A game about a boys father who takes interest in various girls in his son's life. Suzune is the Main Characters sister and the fathers daughter and is currently being blackmailed.



Suzune is a youthful girl with a fair complexion and large gold eyes. She has long blonde hair worn in very thin twin-tails that curl inward, each held with long black ribbon. Her thick bangs and forelocks frame her face, and before each ear is a thin strand.

She is depicted in the school uniform, composed of a brown vest over a white and black shirt, a black ribbon at the neck, and a pleat skirt.


Suzune is a sweet and energetic girl who is extremely posessive towards those she likes or loves. She is close to her family, which most of her clingy side is dedicated to.






In one route of the game, she kills herself.



  • Bust-Waist-Hips: 77-56-75cm


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