Sonoko Kashiwagi
Kanji 柏木園子
Occupation Student

Gardening Club Member

Weapon Shovel
Series Yandere No Onna No Ko
Voice Actress Shiho Kawaragi
Sonoko Kashiwagi is one of the girls from Yandere No Onna No Ko. She was available in the first CD.



Sonoko is a fair skinned girl with noticeable development and big, sad-looking brown eyes. Her long, dark purple hair is nearly thigh length and worn loose with a small tent in her bangs. She is regarded as "plain" by Ayase.

Her uniform resembles the one worn by Nagisa and Ayase, but is black and blue themed, most-likely due to being in a different grade.


Sonoko is very formal and reserved. A lonely and quiet type who keeps to herself and is not shown having any friends. She is gentle and nice, but extremely sensitive with little self-worth. She appears to be easily distracted.

Like the other girls, she appears to be fairly delusional and believed she was closer to the Protagonist than they actually were. She dislikes how they interfered, nor did she like seeing the object of her affection act nicely towards other people or understand why that was. She felt pained by not being given proper attention.


As a lonely and frequently bullied girl, Sonoko had no friends and usually kept to herself reading or partaking in Gardening Club activity. But she found herself swayed by the Protagonist after meeting him one day when classmates picked on her.

A year later, he defended her from her bullies after entering a new school year. As his girlfriend, she grows uneasy upon coming to a certain realization...


As a member of the gardening club, she used the shovel normally reserved to her plants.


Protagonist - Sonoko speaks with the Protagonist throughout her track, with small implications throughout it hinting that he is deceased. Near the end, it is implied that Sonoko murdered the Protagonist and decapitated him, removing everything from his head and using the skull into a flower pot. 

Ayase - It is implied she killed Ayase after the Protagonist, asking her to meet her at the schools backyard. She asked her to kindly leave them alone. However, after Ayase accused her of being a "thieving cat" and hurriedly defended herself when she saw Sonoko wielding her shovel. Sonoko saw this as an opening and stabbed her in the stomach with it, then afterwards she caved in her stomach and uses the corpse for her plants now.


Protagonist - Sonoko fell for him after he began to defend her from the bullies. The Protagonist held no feelings for her, but after stalking him for so long she began to think they were dating.

Nagisa Nonohara - While she did consider killing Nagisa, she realized the Protagonist would be saddened by this and let her go home after she broke into her house to try to find him. She is not shown to personally hate her, but felt the Protagonist was a prisoner at his old home and didn't think Nagisa really loved them since she didn't see him in plain sight. 

Ayase Koumoto- As Sonoko's main tormentor and bully, she despised her. She dislikes knowing the Protagonist has anything to do with her because of this, and believes she is nothing more than a "thief" trying to steal her boyfriend. After Ayase vanished prior to the track, Sonoko brings up how the bullying finally stopped.

Death Edit

Nagisa's TrackEdit

Initially Nagisa only appeared to target Ayase, but after realizing Sonoko was also in the way she made quick work of her before heading home. She lied to her brother by claiming she had "things to do", eventually revealing the truth after she makes an off-handed comment.  

Ayase's TrackEdit

Ayase was envious of the time the Protagonist had been spending with Sonoko, as she helped him study. She demanded Sonoko stay away and when she refused to leave she attacked her face with a pair of scissors, stabbing her repeatedly after she tried to get help. 

Etymology Edit


"When I come back home, you always wait for me there."


"I wonder how beautifully this flower that feeds from you will bloom. I am looking forward to seeing that."


  • Her voice actress also voices another yandere from the series, Elise Sakuranomiya.
    • Both girls have shy personalities.
  • She is 157cm tall.
  • Her measurements are 92-59-88.
  • Her yandere type is Deviant.
  • She is the only girl revealed to be in a club at school.
  • She resembles and was possibly based on Kotonoha Katsura from School Days.
    • Besides their appearance, both girls are reserved and quiet.
    • Both were bullied by classmates.
    • Both girls are well-endowed.
    • Both also attack the girl they see as a threat in the stomach, as well as severed the head of the boy they loved to keep with them.
      • Ironically, her voice actress voiced Sekai Saionji, the girl threatening Kotonoha's relationship.
  • In the entire series, the protagonists death on her track is deemed one of the most graphic.