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Sekka Kitao
Kanji 北尾 雪花
Series Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana
Voice Actress Himari

Sekka Kitao is a girl featured in Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana (Kimisora). A game about a young man with the ability to see ghosts. One day he is scouted by a strange girl, a ghost who has come to find him and bring him to the Suou Academy private school, a school for ghosts to attend, and those who can see them.



Sekka is a teenage girl with youthful looks and a pale complexion. She has large, brown eyes and medium-length black hair worn loose with a single looped braid on each side of her head, held with lavender ribbons.

Sekka normally wears a blue dress with white sleeves and collar, each lined in dark blue to match the ribbon tied at the chest.


Repressed and very shy, Sekka normally keeps to herself. However, when dealing with someone she likes she can become very clingy over them.


Sekka was bullied and prior to the game, killed herself after being unable to handle it.





Sekka took her own life at some point prior to the game, which led to the various chain of events taking place in game.



  • Height: 155cm, Weight: 45kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 80-58-78cm


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