Sekai Saionji
Birthday December 7th
Occupation Student
Weapon Knife
Series School Days
Voice Actress Shiho Kawaragi

Sekai Saionji is one of the main characters of School Days, a hentai-series of Dating Sim/Otome Game, anime, manga, and novels. The series is infamous for having several ending routes resulting in death.



A teenager with an average frame and smaller bust than most girls her age. She has dark blue (bordering on black) eyes and short dark brown hair with a noticeable cowlick sticking up from the center. Late in the game it is noted in narration that she looks thin and sickly.

Normally Sekai is depicted in the black and white school uniform. Her attire is usually plain or basic with light feminine accents. She has a pink winter jacket that she saved up money to afford and enjoys wearing.


Outwardly Sekai is spirited and cheerful, but a bit troublesome. She is nosy, but for the sake of helping others with their problems. As a result she is seen as being overly talkative or annoying, and with some people she has no problem being blunt or chastising them if they do something inapropriate or stupid. She has a sharp perception and enjoys teasing others, but she tends to forget logic and makes questionable decisions when it comes to her own desires. Her impulsive nature often leads to trouble.

Deep down, Sekai is emotional and on the depressed side. This can worsen if she is avoided by someone she cares about, and if she feels neglect she is liable to have an outburst. She shows heavy remorse for her actions but in most cases, not enough to actually stop. She can be highly stubborn and has no problem lying or showing a bitter side should her mental state decrease. However, this also depends on the media:

In the Visual Novel Sekai felt terrible for what she was doing and appeared to be selfless, going as far as to try keeping a distance from Makoto and Kotonoha. She doesn't want anyone to be hurt in the end, and was shocked upon finding out her friends bully Kotonoha. It takes her a long time to warm up to Makoto if he actively tries to persue her.

In the Anime she is portrayed as being selfish, with implications that she had an ulterior-motive from the start. She didn't care about her actions and ignored Kotonoha whenever she and Makoto hooked up. Initially she did tell Makoto to leave her alone when she realized the damage she caused, only giving in after he claims he broke up with Kotonoha to be with her.

In the manga she is seen to be with Makoto a lot more and because of this she quickly fell for him. Makoto mainly pursued her, and after dumping Kotonoha bonded with her. But after Kotonoha attempted to kill her out of jealousy she snapped. In the spin-off manga, she was shown to be on much better terms with everyone and got along with Kotonoha very well; as a result of the trio being in a threesome.


Nothing is revealed about her childhood, other than her father abandoning her her mother. It is also revealed at some points that Setsuna, her long-time friend was crushing on Makoto and Sekai was trying to help her win him over until she gained feelings for him herself.

The game, anime, and manga start out the same, with Sekai finding out Makoto is crushing on Kotonoha after they wind up being seat partners in class. He hesitates to accept her help scoring points with her but eventually agrees. But when her plan works she steals his first kiss, setting everything in the series into motion.


Sekai normally relies on her surroundings or various knives to attack others.


Unlike Kotonoha, Sekai has no reserves over attacking Makoto for causing her pain. But if driven to it she will lash out at Kotonoha instead.

Makoto - Intentionally kills him in one route after vanishing for years and later confronting him. She reveals that she was pregnant with his child before stabbing him, but to her horror he confesses to having loved her and worried about her. She runs away, leaving him to bleed to death as he tries head home.

In another route she accidentally gets him killed after Kotonoha shoves her onto the train tracks. Makoto attempted to save her but he gets hit after she gets off of the tracks.

In the anime, Sekai was the one who kills him after he tells her off the evening before, effectively causing her to snap. The two agreed to sit down to chat and try to calm things down, but when he attempted to tell her to have an abortion she distracted him with a text after going into the kitchen. She grabbed a bknife and proceeded to stab him several times before running home.

In the manga based on the first game and anime, it is implied she kills him while at the Hospital after revealing she killed Kotonoha.

Kotonoha - her prioritized rival for Makoto. She is responsible for her death in Two of the games Endings. The most common route ends with her snapping and shoving Kotonoha in front of a train.

In another ending she is implied to have killed her with Makoto. They meet up with their friends, who bring up not seeing Kotonoha for some time and express concern as they note the corpse found in an alleyway recently.

In the first manga, Kotonoha attempted to kill her after being dumped by Makoto, believing Sekai couldn't be trusted anymore. After she accidentally hurt Makoto, Sekai deemed her too dangerous and shows up at her home, killing her and leaving the body for Kokoro to find.


For a full list visit Sekai's Relationships

Parents - Sekai lives alone with her mother and appears to be close to her. She has learned a lot from her mother and often confides in her when she is able to. She despises her Father for his lecherious personality and abandoning their family.

Makoto - After attempting to help Setsuna hook up with her, she ended up developing her own feelings for him. Setsuna gracefully stepped down to allow them to get together, but Sekai was unable to approach Makoto. By the time she finally could she realized he had feelings for Kotonoha and attempted to pull the same stunt, ending it by stealing his first kiss after he and Kotonoha start to date. Normally Sekai shows a tsundere-like personality and temper that doesn't appear around others. She willingly allows him to do with her what he would like, and has no shame if it means getting his attention.

Kotonoha -

Unlike the other girls Sekai held no ill-will towards her, other than a tiny amount of jealousy over her big chest. At first she genuinely seemed to like Kotonoha and wanted to be her friend, and after she started to grow closer to Makoto she had wanted to come clean to her straight away and would try to avoid them for their sake. She is very remorseful over her actions, but in the Anime and Manga she is shown to lash out at Kotonoha and ends their friendship or what was left of it by that point. They can become a threesome with Makoto in a spin-off manga and in one route of the original game.


Sekai can suffer through a few deaths in the game, and is killed in the anime.


  • Bloody Conclusion - The most common death for Sekai. As she, Makoto, and her friends walk across a bridge a broken Kotonoha approaches them. In one swift movement she slices her neck through her coat, causing her to bleed out and slowly die as everyone watches in fright.
  • Innocent Evening Sun - Attempting to push Kotonoha down on the train tracks, Sekai was yanked down with her. Before either of them can get back up they are both hit by the train.
  • Twisted Hair - Like above, but this time Kotonoha lives. Sekai's phone falls and in her attempts to reach it, Kotonoha quickly uses her as a leverage and is able to get up with Makoto's help. As Sekai grabs her phone the train collides with her.


As Sekai learns she is pregnant, Makoto and Kotonoha were beginning to reconcile. They try to convince her to have an abortion with no remorse, and Sekai refuses, harassing Makoto when he refuses to take responsibility. She confronts the duo after they return to his apartment from a date but this time Makoto is fed up when she aggressively hits Kotonoha. Makoto tells her off before making out with her and distressed by their behavior, Sekai runs away.

The following day at school, she and Makoto agree to make amends and meet up at his place during the evening. Makoto is quick to bring up her pregnancy and suggests she rid of the baby, causing them to argue. He offers to grab her a drink, but Sekai insists on doing it and heads to his kitchen, using this time to grab a knife and send him a text. During the distraction she quickly stabbed Makoto several times in a blind rage.

Alarmed with what she has done, Sekai hid in bed until getting a text from "Makoto", asking to meet up and expecting the worse, she finds Kotonoha on a roof. After throwing up upon seeing Makoto's decapitated head in her bag, Sekai attempted to attack Kotonoha after she saw she had planned on harming her. However, she is unable to react quick enough and is killed by Kotonoha, who then slices her open to see if she was telling the truth.


"Makoto-kun, Help Me!" - mocking Kotonoha before her death in the Manga in front of Makoto.


  • Due to her behavior and greed, most fans see karma getting back at her in the spin-off games. While Kotonoha remained a main love interest, Sekai ended up becoming a side character with a lack of involvement and endings, inlcluding one game that wrote her out for a good part of it by saying she was sick. Her routes and endings were given to her Mother and other Love Interests.
  • Sekai is thought to resemble Kagome from Inuyasha.
  • There has yet to be a real answer as to whether or not she was pregnant. While Kotonoha sees no proof of it in the Anime, there stood a chance it was too early to notice any changes.
    • It was also possible it was Sekai's own, damaged mental state that made her think she was pregnant.
  • Her voice actress would go on to provide voice samples for the Yandere personality in Artificial Academy. Along with Kotonoha's.
  • It has been noted that Sekai slightly resembles Makoto. With the complicated family charts between the game series made by the company, they are revealed to be non-blood related siblings or cousins.


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