Sayuri is capable of targeting anyone who she sees as being in her way to Yuuya. She also has no problem harming Yuuya himself, feeling he is incapable of being saved or from feeling hurt by his actions.


In her route Sayuri is the murderer of her mid-way through the game. After witnessing her kiss Yuuya she realized she had to be rid of.

Haruka and KannaEdit

At one point in the game Yuuya realizes something is wrong with Sayuri and he can choose to follow her or leave her be. If he doesn't confide in anyone over what he thinks or doesn't attempt to stop her, he'll return to school the following day, where everything appears normal. But suddenly, alarmed cries alert him to the blood-covered Sayuri, wielding her scissors as he spots the corpses of his friends.

In another route end she kills them and Shizuka if Yuuya doesn't follow her when prompted. Yuuya will find her gloating over their corpses, causing him mental trama and effectively breaking him.

Detective KudouEdit

The only unavoidable death in Sayuri's true route. Eventually seeing that enabling Sayuri isn't helping her, he makes plans to get Yuuya to safety. Unknown to them, Sayuri overhears this and surprises them by showing up as they go to leave. After having a breakdown over his betrayel she attempts to attack Yuuya, only for Detective Kudou to shove him out of the way and be pierced by her scissors. She then stabs him repeatedly while Yuuya uses this to unwillingly escape.


Sayuri attempts to harm her at several points of the storyline as her mental health decreases.

At one point she slices Shizuka's leg as she barely manages to avoid being stabbed by her scissors, then she offers to talk to Sayuri in private to avoid embaressing her- clearly not afraid. But in response Sayuri shoves her down a flight of stairs, only for Yuuya to catch her.

An early bad ending is met with Shizuka's death after Sayuri spies on her and Yuuya at the shopping district a day prior. Yuuya is alarmed to find her holding her scissors to Shizuka's neck, and should Yuuya think she's just joking she will stab/slice Shizuka's throat.

She can also be killed with Haruka and Kanna in another route ending.

In the main storyline, Shizuka is attacked by Sayuri but would go on to recover from it. Yuuya arrives to school to find Shizuka being taken to the hospital. After rushing inside he finds out from a classmate that someone rigged her desk with a pair of scissors and was stabbed in the eye.


Several Bad Endings on her route are a result of Sayuri killing Yuuya in various ways. She also accidentally gets him killed in a few routes at the hands of the angered Kanna and Haruka when they feel deceived, and in the other route by Detective Kudou if Yuuya refuses to go along with his plans to calm Sayuri down, which ends with Yuuya's head being crushed while the Detective claims it was suicide.

In the only non-lethal manner, Sayuri will slice Yuuya's cheek with her scissors during the final portion of her event. She targets Kanna and Haruka, but Yuuya gets in the way to defend them and grabs her arm to stop her.

Other alternate route deaths include:

  • Being stabbed after calling her a demon when she freaks out after trying to harm Shizuka.
  • Stabbed repeatedly after trying to remind her of her friendship with Kanna and Haruka, which leads to him being stabbed until she reaches his insides, then hides his body in their Mascot costume. She then puts it onto a cart and wheels it outside while students watch in horror at the huge amount of blood on it. She pays it no mind and leads him outside, discussing the weather as he slowly dies from blood loss.
  • Stabbed and disembowled when Sayuri thinks he is only playing along with what she said about the "armor".
  • After killing detective kudou she dons the mascot costume again and follows Yuuya. In the time he considers calling the police she arrives and stabs him as he attempts to do it.