Saki Miyauchi
Occupation Student
Weapon Chainsaw
Series Yandere: I Love You So I Have To Kill You
Voice Actress Hina Kamimura

Saki Miyauchi is one of the Love Interests from the Visual Novel Yandere: I Love You So I Have To Kill You. When his parents leave for a trip, Subaru takes advantage of this to score with as many women as possible, unaware that his player ways are about to turn on him...



Saki is a youthful looking teenager with a fair complexion and average frame. Her long purple hair is pulled into shoulder length twin-tails held with long, light green ribbons. She has straightened bangs and thick tented forelocks reaching her chest. Her tareme eyes are emerald.

Saki is normally depicted in the pink and white school uniform.


While she is the same age as Subaru, she is deemed to be very childish with a "little sister" personality. She is friendly, but serious and diligent. She always does great in school, but despite being so independant and capable of handling things, her logic flies out the window when Subaru is involved.




Subaru - Targets him in a few routes.

  • Shoves him in front of a car.
  • Nails him to a chair to "take care of him" until he dies.
  • Sneaks into his home while he's asleep, then attacks with a chainsaw.

Yuumi - She doesn't directly kill Yuumi, but she eats her remains after finding her corpse, which was killed by Subaru in self defense.

Maika - Same as above, but with minor differences.

Fourth Girl - In a bonus ending of the game, Subaru goes on a date with a popular girl who asks him out, much to his surprise. Saki follows them on their date and kills her with a chainsaw.


Subaru - Deems Saki to be an annoying little sister, but she is his childhood friend and is close to the family- which she uses as an excuse to stay with him after they leave, claiming his mother asked her to look after Subaru. Subaru finds her annoying and uses her to please himself, which she blindly allows due to her feelings for him. She feels entitled to him and at one point in the game breaks the locks of his home to enter whenever she pleases.

Yuumi - Unlike her classmates she hates their teacher, well-aware of her attraction to Subaru. 

Maika - She hates her.


In one ending of the game she gets hit by a car while chasing Subaru.



  • She bears resembles to both Kagami and Tsukasa from Lucky Star.
    • She has purple hair like the both of them and wears them in pigtails like Kagami.
    • The school uniform bares small resemblence to their winter uniform.
    • Her personality appears to be a mixture of the two.


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