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Wikia RulesEdit

Please follow them to ensure everyone has a fun time!

  1. Respect your fellow members. Threats or Nasty Attitudes will not be tolerated.
  2. Despite the 18+ content, Pornographic images are not work safe. Do not upload them without a warning on the page they are uploaded onto.
  3. Swearing is allowed, but not the F-word. Conceal it if you feel the need to use it.
  4. Spamming or Flaming the articles or Members are not allowed.
  5. A WARNING needs to be put on any page with graphic images.
  6. This is not a Fanon wiki.
  7. American TV shows or comic characters do not count as Yandere here, as they are not referred to as such.
  8. The articles are about the YANDERE characters. Not the series they come from.
  9. Only make a page/article if you are able to put info on the page or add the stub labels.

(Rules are subject to change if need be~)

Character PagesEdit

View bottom of this section for Example.

Each page should have this information:


  1. Bio (put heading 3 size "Appearance" and "Personality" beneath it)
  2. Background - Character past and history from the series
  3. Victims - Those she has attacked or killed. Explain what she did to them.
  4. Weapon/s - what she used to attack/what she did with it.
  5. Death - Only add this if she is killed in the series at any point or canonically. 
  6. Relationships - how she interacts with other characters.
  8. Trivia
  9. Gallery


  1. Hair Color  - Just use Basic shades, such as Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, etc.
  2. Eye Color - Same as above
  3. (Weapon) user
  4. Status (Living/Dead. If she dies in a route, she counts as both.)
  5. Age (Child (12 or below) Teen (13-17) Young Adult (18 or 19) Adult (above 19)
  6. Stub (only if the page is small or lacks information)
  7. Anime/Video Game/Dating Sim Yandere
  8. Series (only if more than 1 Yandere is available)

Example SectionEdit

(note: this is a made up character!)



Lala is a fair skinned girl with purple eyes and long pink twin-tails. She looks very youthful for her age, but is nearly twenty, and often wears cutesy pink pastel outfits with animal eared hoods and matching shoes.


Lala is known for being sweet and friendly, but deeply shy with a clumsy streak. Deep down she is resentful for what happened in the past and seeks a way to seek revenge.


Lala grew up in a fairly normal household but was somewhat lonely, due to growing up in a small town. She quickly took the main character after moving to the city where the game takes place, and quickly opened up to them. However, when the main character suddenly started to ignore her things took a turn for the worse. Highly dependent on them, she was unable to fend off a bully who took advantage of her weakened state and as a result she blames the main character- but she pretends to act fine while getting to know them again.


Bully - The game starts with rumors spreading around in the school about this character being found murdered in the boys locker room. Late in the game it is revealed she is the cause.

Aiko - In one route she kills her if the Player answers the choice wrongly and confesses to liking her.

Player Character - Lala kills them in triggered bad endings that don't result in her own death or someone else.


Lala will genuinely use anything within hands reach to aid her, but she seems to prefer using scissors and uses it to kill not only her targets, but herself in one ending.


In two routes of the game Lala will die depending on the choices made by the player. In one route she will messily kill herself in front of them. In another, the Player accidentally gets her killed.

In the main/Canon route, she does not die.


Aiko - A friendly and kind girl with a crush on the main character, although she understands Lala likes them as well. She isn't mean to Lala, but Lala doesn't trust her.

Main Character - Lala adores them and would do anything for them. The main character liked Lala, but couldn't bare to tell her the truth of his fixed marriage to another girl, resulting in her feeling betrayed and hurt by him. He regrets his behavior after learning what happened to her.


"Eh? You like... Aiko? But I thought... why didn't you tell me?"

"What did I do to deserve any of this?!"


  • Lala loves orange-based drinks or foods.
  • Lala enjoys making origami flowers and collects them in a scrapbook.
  • She lives with her older sister, Ami, currently.


(Insert images of Lala)

Now, all that would be left would be to add the Categories. After viewing her profile, the best categories for this would be: Pink Hair, Purple Eyes, Living, Deceased, Teen, Twin-Tails, Scissors User, Game Yandere

That way, if people checked on any of those categories they would see Lala's page show up!

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