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Reni Meguro
Kanji 目黒 レニ
Occupation Student
Series Play! Play! Play!
Voice Actress Himari

Reni Meguro is one of the main characters of Play! Play! Play!.  A game about a young man who gets addicted to raping girls after he witnesses a rape in progress.



Reni has a fair complexion with pink eyes and long, slightly messy dark moss hair with straight cut bangs. She wears a red headband with a ribbon on each side of the head to accent her dark blue school uniform. A red ribbon cloth ties around the white collar while black lines it.


Reni appears fragile and innocent, being fairly quiet and delicate. She is shy around others but has become fairly clingy and possessive after falling for Seiji.




Seiji - After deciding to try rape, Seiji went after Reni first. She has since fallen for him and obsessively stalks him, carrying a wooden object she customized as a symbol to remind her of him.

Mio - Seiji's long-time friend who she sees as a rival and doesn't like.




  • She attends an all Girls school.
  • Her home is a Shrine.


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