A page for Yandere spoofs or references that are not made into Articles.

Not YandereEdit

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These are characters that have Yandere traits, but are not said to be one.

  • Sadone from Battle Girls High School has several traits of a Yandere, including Facial expressions, speech mannerisms, and fighting with a pair of scissors.
  • Tsubaki Yayoi from BlazBlu skirts the territory of Yandere but never crossed into it.
  • Yukimi Sajou from Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls displays Yandere traits, such as possessing their creepy mannerisms, giggles, and tics.

Yandere Gags or ReferencesEdit

  • In the remake of Hyperdimension Neptunia, one of Plutia/Pururut's purchase outfits is titled Yandre, featuring a black and purple color scheme.
    • In the same series, the character 5pb. was originally going to be a Yandere as revealed in an art book.
  • Idol Master Cinderella Girl Kyoko has the appearance of one in her alternate art for the card series, "The Seven Mysteries of Sacred Slipper Academy".
    • Kotoha Tanaka from Idol Master Million Live has a card placing her in a dark room with an eerily calm expression while pouring several pills from a bottle. She is painted as a homicidal or suicidal Yandere by fans due to her feelings for the Producer and reliance on him.
    • From the same game is Minako Satake, who is shown in a dark abandoned classroom with a creepy expression, altered from a prior card. Fans paint her as the type of Yandere to imprison her love and take care of them.
  • In the Rock Lee spin-off of Naruto, one story involved the group discussing movie ideas. Hinata describes what sounds like a love story, but the others note that it takes a yandere atmosphere and sounds more like a horror movie, shocking her upon realization.

Music and SongsEdit


  • Pinky Promise - A girl obsessed with someone to the point of self-multilation, explicitly promising to cut off her pinky finger, hair, and rip out nails. In the Project Diva video game version, as these lyrics are said crimson fabric appears on the screen as if implying they went through with it. Then at the end of the song, the module being used will have bandaging on their fingers while holding up a present box and making the yandere smile.
  • Scissoroid - Miku attempts to kill Luka, only to be killed by her.
  • Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance
  • Love Disease - Luka plays a Stalker
  • The Tailor Shop on Enbizaka - Another Luka song. Comes from a series with a few Yandere in it.
  • RIP=RELEASE - Luka's jealous response to the song SPICE!


  • Smoke and Mirrors - a song taking place from a Yandere's perspective, where she kidnaps her childhood friend's girlfriend and kills her. 

Vocaloid/Utau YandereEdit

Only List Well-Known characters

  • An official Vocaloid3 was made to be a Yandere, Mayu.
  • A group of Yandere, known as Yandeloid were made based off of existing characters. The most well known being Reko Kasane and Kiku Juan, based off of Teto and Miku respectively.
  • A well-known Vipperloid by the name of Tei Sukone.

Character/Image SongsEdit

  • Chiisana Koi no Misshitsu Jiken, a song by Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls Koume has lyrics that appear to be from a yandere's perspective.


  • In the anime-inspired App Dream Girlfriend, one of the personalities a person can assign a girl is Yandere. She will make several clingy, suspicious, and murderous comments towards other girlfriends when activated. Items based on yandere are also included, these being two different yandere faces, outfits, and decorative items/backgrounds.
  • In the simulator H-Game Artificial Academy and its sequel, girls who exhibit yandere traits are known as 'Evil' types. While the other girls will dump the player, the yandere outright kills them.


  • Two voice actresses for Artificial Academy that handle the voices for yandere traits stared together in School Days, also playing the two lead Yandere. Kotonoha's VA Tae Okajima voices the aloof type in game 1, while Seika's voices the ___ type.


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