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Nozomi Asou
Series Dual Phase ~ Soukakurou
Voice Actress Rumi Amami

Nozomi Asou is one of the main characters in Dual Phase ~ Soukakurou.



Nozomi resembles her twin sister, Kanami. She has fair skin with long pink hair and crimson Tareme eyes. She wears a school uniform.

The only difference between the sisters is that Kanami wears a ribbon in her hair, while Nozomi wears a headband.


Obsessed with her twin sister, Nozomi is dedicated to making sure they stay together. She is very clingy.


Always having been in love with one-another, Kanami and Nozomi spent many hours encouraging each others sexual encounters behind closed doors. But after their parents begin to have maritial problems and decide to split up- their beloved relationship is threatened and with the sisters realizing this, their distorted love is thrown through a loop.


Kanami Asou - In one of the Endings Nozomi will kill her.


Kanami Asou - Nozomi's twin-sister who shares the same feelings for her. They have been aware of their feelings for a long time, but Kanami appears to be the "calm and kinder" twin and does not share her sisters Yandere nature. At one point Nozomi can become pregnant from Kanami.





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