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Nana Irie
Kanji 入江 奈々
Birthday April 24th
Occupation Student
Series Tsukushite Ageru no ni!!
Voice Actress Yukari Aoyama

Nana Irie is the younger sister of Mitsuki Irie and is one of the main heroines in Tsukushite Ageru no ni!! A game staring a young man who makes a marriage promise with a girl he met when he was a child, causing problems when the girl later shows up to see to it that he keeps to his word by kissing him in front of his childhood friends- who all start to plot to win him for herself.



Nana has a fair complexion and large emerald eyes. Her light purple hair is worn is a somewhat messy hime-cut with her bangs parted at the left corner. Several long, loose strands stick out from the top of her head.

She is normally depicted in the white and red school uniform.


Nana is the epitome of bright and energetic girls. With high-spirits she enjoys drawing and spending time with Haruki or her older sister. She is highly carefree and confident, being somewhat bold and outgoing when it comes to new things or people. Her bright nature attracts others like a magnet, making her highly popular.

She has a bit of a tsundere side to herself though, and can become highly clingy over Haruki.




Haruki - the main character and her beloved childhood friend. She can be a little mean or rude to him at times without meaning to be, but she cherishes him above everything else.

Mitsuki - her older sister who she cares for. They have a typical sisterly relationship, which may be strained later in the game. 





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