Many are killed during the course of the game, however none of it is because of Misao's Yandere spirit.


As Misao trusted Aki, her/his death is entirely accidentally. There are several traps that can be set off in the school to kill her/him, and she/he can also die by sparing the wrong person, who then decides they know too much and earn the Bad Ending. Said person will also kill Aki should she/he come out of their hiding spot too soon in the True Ending path. 


She was an accidental victim who Misao held no spite towards. After Ayaka found her dismembered arms in Mr. Sohta's office he caught her and chased her to another room. After he managed to get her, he told Aki that a monster attacked them, finishing her off after he convinces her to leave to look for some sedative to calm Ayaka down.


While she did not directly kill him, she desired Aki to kill him so that they could be together. If Aki decides to make him the last sacrifice, she will kill him when his guard is down in the Library. Or, if playing Male Aki, Miss Library will kill him after he attempts to flirt with her and take her glasses.


As her main victim, she got one of the harsher deaths in the game. Aki finds her strapped to a table in the Science Room and offers to save her but only if she was to apologize for what she's done. Before she can help her, a mad scientist-like monster shows up with a chainsaw and Aki flees for cover. After it leaves, she finds the blood soaked spot where Yoshino was moments before and takes off to get cleaned.

Mr. SohtaEdit

Out of fear towards him, Misao actually didn't target him. However, Aki can decide to sacrifice him over Tohma, and kills him with her baseball bat when he is distracted.


For abandoning her, Misao personally saw to his end by making him the first victim. Aki finds him injured in the middle of a road. While she wishes to help him, she is unable to and he is run over by a car.


As part of the curse, a monster attacks her and Tohma in the restroom. Tohma abandons her, leaving the monster to kill her before Aki is able to find something to help.

Various StudentsEdit

As Aki goes through the school, several female and male students are found killed in various ways- most likely from the monsters or traps.