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Occupation Student
Series Misao

Misao is the tragic heroine and a main character of a game created with WOLF RPG Editor with the same name. The game revolves around a classmate, Aki, trying to return things to normal after the deceased Misao cursed those who made her suffer.

She is a 'light yandere'.



Misao is an average height and weight teenager with pale complexion and yellow eyes normally half-shut. Her dark indigo hair is worn in a short hime-cut with a small amount pulled into a ponytail behind her head.

She wore the pink and white school uniform. When she was younger she was shown in cooler colored outfits, like blue and green. 


Misao is viewed as a cute and friendly girl, but because of her lonely and gloomy atmosphere she was hard to approach. She had always been shy and dependant on others who showed kindnesss towards her, but she also tried to stand up for herself in an attempt to become independant.

After her death she became a tempermental, vengeful spirit determined to punish everyone who got in her way, tortured her, or were too stupid to think before they did anything. But once Aki calmed her down and saved the tortured spirits of everyone who was killed, she befriended her and returned to normal.


Not much is known about Misao's past, other than her previously close bond with Kudoh, who kept her safe and made her feel better when she felt sad or lonely. After they reached Middle School he began to leave her alone and she confronted him, confessing that she knew she was bothersome, but reminding him of their friendship. He coldly told her off and began to avoid her, leaving her to wonder what happened as they grew apart.

The game starts with Aki preparing for school and thinking about Misao, who vanished about three months prior. Lately Jokes were going around, saying she was killed and a curse had been put upon the school. At first nobody believed them until a sudden earthquake interrupted.

By the time Aki recovered she found out the school had been nearly empty, transformed into a hellish version of what it once was, full of monsters and traps.


As a Spirit, Misao was able to change the school to how she saw fit and cast it upon a demon-filled world. She did not use a specific weapon- but possibly was the one in control of the various deaths that were triggered throughout the game.


Misao's Victims


For a full list and more information visit Misao's Relationships

Tohma - Misao had a crush on him and he claimed to like her as well. Her yandere traits came out around him only. He appeared to be leading her on, but was shown remorseful after finding out what happened to her.

Yoshino -  Her tormentor who took joy out of causing her pain due to her own feelings for Tohma. She was indirectly the cause of Misao's death.

Kudoh - A friend since childhood. As they grew older he started to avoid her after being teased by other boys for his friendship with her.

Mr. Sohta - They have very similiar backgrounds and due to this, he was attracted to Misao- although he didn't directly say this. She didn't reciprocate.

Aki - Due to her kindness and their past interactions Misao seemed to like Aki. Aki had also wished to befriend Misao and was sad they were unable to formally become friends.


Unlike most cases, the series started off with Misao's death, rather than leading to it in a bad ending route or through the storyline.

Her death took place at the end of a large painful chain of events, starting when Yoshino revealed in front of the class that Misao had a large crush on Tohma. To everyone's shock, Tohma didn't care, admitting that he felt the same way. Surprised by the turn of events, Misao decides to thank Yoshino for what she did- only to get distracted after Tohma sent her a text. She responds to it with a mushy, love-filled poem but heavily regrets it after finding it posted on one of the bulletin boards.

Initially Misao hid in the bathroom to cry when she heard Saotome and another girl step into the bathroom. At first she believes Yoshino posted the text until she realizes Saotome would have a motive; although she denies having anything to do with it, claiming she found it to be cute. Misao's conviction was further cemented after she headed to class later on to find Saotome and Tohma flirting with each other in the empty room.

A while later, Misao was bullied in the girls restroom by Yoshino and her posse. She didn't fight back, but she stood up for herself by saying Tohma wouldn't like someone so mean. Enraged, Yoshino beats her up and strips her, then takes photographs before using them as blackmail on another student to rape her.

Abandoned, Misao cries in the stall when Mr. Sohta, having heard the sounds forces her out. He chastises her and brings her back to his office, where she breaks down and confesses everything that happened. He attempts to comfort her by bringing up how kind and smart she is- unaware of the abuse and rape she had to deal with. He claims he understands her, which she initially doubts until he speaks further about his own past. But after he begins to get too close and makes advances on her, Misao panics and tries to run away from him.

Forced into a corner she continued to reject him, causing him to snap and kill her in rage. He brings her corpse back to the bathroom and dismembers it to hide the parts of her body around the school.



  • She is one of the few Yandere to start off dead.
    • As such, she is also one of the few who doesn't have optional death scenes.


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