Occupation Student
Weapon Rock
Series Zekkyou Gakkyuu
Misaki is a character from the horror anthology manga, Zekkyou Gakkyuu. She makes her only appearance in Bloody Valentine, the 2nd chapter of the 2nd Manga volume.  


With Valentines Day approaching Misaki dreams of nothing more than making the perfect chocolate to give to her boyfriend. But as she prepares for the exciting holiday she suddenly finds herself the target of a stalker...


Misaki is an average school girl with shoulder length black hair and feminine eyes. She is depicted in her school uniform throughout the chapter. 


A gentle girl who often thinks about her crush and is easily flustered. Her love for the kind and hardworking senpai blinds her from everything else and causes her to become delusional as she focuses entirely on him; to the point of being scolded by the teacher several times for ignoring class in favor of her chocolate book. Before the reveal she is seen as a sweet and anxious girl who confides everything in a single friend.


Not much of Misaki's past was divulged. Late into the story it is revealed that she isn't dating Naoyuki, and that in the past when she made her confession she had been rejected. Afterwards, she attempted to attack his girlfriend and began harassing her.



Her first victim prior to the story, when it is revealed that after finding out they were dating, she took a ball or rock and threw it through a glass window in an attempt to injure her. She spent the chapter harassing Sasaoka with threatening letters she spent an evening to make, then at the end of the story gets her convicted for her crimes and sent to an asylum.


Misaki never targeted Naoyuki unil the very end of the chapter. After he and Sasaoka tell her off and make her remember how her confession actually went, they prepared to leave when she responded by violently beating both of them into bloodied unconsciousness with a rock.


Naoyuki - After sharing casual conversation with him and seeing how hardworking he was, Misaki had been smitten and quickly confessed her feelings to him. However he hardly knew her and already had a girlfriend as his friends joined them to point out how frequently this happened. Despite this, she is obsessively convinced they are a couple, to the point of completely forgetting the event.

Sasaoka - After finding out she had been Naoyuki's girlfriend Misaki instantly began to try to rid of her. Due to being blinded by her love for Naoyuki, she completely forgot she was his girlfriend and believes her to be nothing more than an obsessed stalker.

Aki - Misaki's close friend and classmate. She is blunt with her words but supportive, and Misaki appreciates her for this.