Miou Souma
Souma Miou
Occupation Student
Series A Profile

Miou is one of the love interests from a visual novel, A Profile.



Miou has an average frame and fair complexion. Her slanted blue eyes accent her long blue (actually black) hair. Her bangs are slightly parted on the side, with her forelocks tented over them and held with a clip.

She is shown in the school uniform, consisting of a white top beneath a dull blue bolero and a matching colored pleat skirt. A red bow-tie rests at her collar.


Disregarded as perfectly average and normal, Miou hates this. She attempts to shed such a negative facet but struggles to do anything. She is nice, but desparate for attention after the death of a loved one when she was younger. To satisfy her desires she took up prostitution.

As a Yandere she is nasty and lashes out, but comes off as "pathetic" and sad compared to most. It is implied this is a self-inflicted gambit on her part after developing her self-destructive behavior.



Rizu - If Masayuki takes an interest in her she will furiously harass her.


Masayuki - They loved each other as children, but as they grew he began to ignore her. Eventually he dumped her to please Rizu, his step-sister. As a result she is bitter and resentful, but hides this side most of the time.

Rizu - Because she forced them to break up, she despises Rizu.

Kaine - In a few endings in the game she is paired with him. Kaine has had feelings for her, but she is still interested in Masayuki. It is implied to be a one-sided relationship.




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