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Mio Hananoi
Occupation Student
Series Yanda Watashi ni Seieki Choudai ♪
Voice Actress Mei Misonoo

Mio Hananoi is one of the Main Characters in Yanda Watashi ni Seieki Choudai ♪. A game about a lone-wolf who finds the three girls in his life have suddenly turned into lovestruck yandere. The only way to lift the curse is by "loving them" all in a sexual way.



Mio has a fair complexion and a feminine frame. Her blue eyes accent her long, straightened violet hair worn in a hime cut with a black and white frilly headban and a thick black ribbon on the back of her head.

Mio wears black and white gothic-lolita attire.


Mio is very unsocial and tends to keep to herself for most part. She doesn't really like to be bothered, unless its by someone she likes, in which she can show a meek and compliant towards their wants or needs.





She is shown wielding a butcher knife in the opening/trailer.



  • Her blood type is AB.


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