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Minako Makishima
Kanji 牧島 美菜子
Occupation Student
Weapon Stun Gun
Series Little Rabbits -Wagamama Twin Tail-
Voice Actress Aya Tachibana

Minako Makishima is one of the main characters of Little Rabbits -Wagamama Twin Tail-.  A game about a young man trying to avoid his sisters' affection by getting a girlfriend; unknowingly setting a series of events in motion when they team up with a classmate to try to rid of the girl.



Minako has the appearance of a young girl with a flat frame and fair complexion. Her deep blue eyes accent her thin, long blonde hair pulled in twin-tails held by frilly red ribbons shaped like loose rabbit ears. A small tuft of hair sticks up on each side of the head, while her thick bangs frame her face. She has a single tooth often visible.

She is normally found in the white and blue school uniform with a bow-tie.


Minako is flirty and playful with those she likes. However, like her childish appearance, she is highly selfish and stubborn, refusing to budge or give in if it means not getting her way. At times she can be sly and easily capable of finding ways to achieve any goal she may have.



Ryoutarou -


Ryoutarou Makishima - Her older brother but not by blood. She is obsessed with him and often flirts or makes advances towards him.

Azusa Makishima - Her older sister who attends a different school and returns during summer. Like Minako she is obsessively in love with her brother and because of this they work together to see to it they get his affection.

Rina Inoue - The classmate and girlfriend of Ryoutarou. She is gentle and relaxed, but somewhat selfish.

Sayo Sugishita - Minako's classmate and a childhood friend. She helps the sisters in trying to rid of Rina.


She uses a stun gun.




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