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Kanji みちる
Age 16
Occupation Violinist
Weapon Dagger
Series Midori no Umi
Voice Actress Naru Udaka

Michiru is one of the main characters of the Midori no Umi. A game about a young man who finds himself in a strange new home full of troubled Amnesiacs.



Michiru has a pale complexion with slanted, caramel-brown eyes and very long, flowing brown hair. Her bangs are mostly brushed in one position, with her thin forelocks hanging past her ears and ending at her stomach. Parts of her hair is pulled to the back of her head, held with a white lace accessory. She wears a white outfit reminiscent of a maid or school uniform, accented with indigo line detail and a teal and black tie. She also dons an apron.


Friendly and viewed as a big sister, Michiru is the lead figure of the children who have found themselves in or by the Mansion. She is seen as the obvious choice of one to confide in during times of trouble or concern, and is highly refined by a fault. She is often cooking.

However, it is hinted that Michiru may not be as pure as she comes off. It is implied at times that she may be faking such a caring side, as while she does try to keep peace within the Mansion, her focus is only on it and keeping it appeased.

Few indivisuals fear her for this reason.





She is shown with a dagger.



  • Michiru resembles another Yandere, Miina Ayasaki.
    • Both girls have a similiar hair style with brown coloring.
    • Both wear a white hair ornament.
    • Their outfits resemble one-anothers.
    • They share small personality quirks.