Occupation Student
Weapon Several; prefers scissors
Series Yandere-Chan

Mia is the main character in a visual novel called Yandere-Chan, made using the Ren'Py Engine. It is known for having only one, possibly good Ending achievable through several bad ones. 

Also, see the other Yandere-Chan, from Yandere Simulator.



Mia is described by her classmates as being really cute and attractive. She has a pale tan complexion with large lemon eyes. Her pale blue hair is mostly brushed over her right shoulder, with a small amount sticking down on the left. She has thick bangs, most of which go past her eyes. She has two cowlicks and wears white clips.

Mia is shown in her school uniform, composed of a white work shirt beneath a purple vest, a black bow-tie, and a darker purple pleat skirt.


Mia is hard to approach, according to others. While she is wise and highly talented, especially with cooking, her withdrawn nature causes others to admire her from afar or think she's weird. She can also be difficult, which is why its considered an achievement should someone manage to get her to open up, and she latches on to anyone who can catch her attention.

Her straight-faced, innocent appearance keeps others from realizing she actually has a dark mind and blackened heart. In realiy she isn't shy like she acts- she actually just doesn't care about other people. She is far from sympathetic with a cruel sense of humor, laughing at others when she realizes she caused them pain, then mocking them for it after she realizes she caused it.

At one point, the Player can discover that Mia has a blood fetish on orgasmic-levels. She gets really angry if someone was to touch or clean anything with it on it, should the blood come from the one she likes. She also can't stand to know she's been forgotten by someone she likes and will lash out.


The game starts with the player appearing as a new school student. Their attention was drawn her fairly quick and later she approaches them, excited because she knows them from the past. While the player struggles to remember Mia they find her to be strange, but cute at times.

The most common events that trigger in each of the routes include:

  • Mia and the Player bonding at the Train Station
  • The Player trying to include Mia within the group of friends they make.
  • Mia asking if she is remembered.


Mia mainly targets the Player Character. But in two routes she will see to it the Friends are taken out of the picture as well.

Player Character - Mia will strike the Player if they anger her or show any sign of devoting their attention to something else. She can poison them with no motive stated, or fly into a rage and stab the Player repeatedly if they get her name wrong. She also stabs them whenever they get distracted by their watch or if she catches them washing their blood off of the calculator. In another Route she will push them in front of a train, and in a non-standard ending, if the Player hasn't done anything wrong by that point they will accept her offer to hang out at her place, where it is implied she kills them or keeps them locked up for the rest of their life. If the player manages to avoid the other bad endings near the end of the game, she will commit a murder-suicide by grabbing the Player and force themselves out of the school window.

Friends - The most common ending "Poison" starts with Mia joining the group for lunch. With the Player character complimenting her wonderful cooking skills, she is requested to let the others try it and she agrees. She appears as awkward as normal, but everyone is happy when she seems to be enjoying herself- only to painfully find out she was only laughing because she saw them eat her poison. She offers to get help upon seeing how sick they are, but only did this to kill anyone who would try to get help or stand as a witness.

Another ending route results in the friends being poisoned as well. But unlike the first one the Player character isn't one of the victims and this ending appears to be less common.


In most attacks, Mia wielded a pair of scissors. She also had a fondness for poisoning- most likely because of her enjoyment of seeing others suffer. During the course of the game, the Player will note how peculiar she is with food, and whenever she offers to share it she hesitates to give herself time to check it.

In the Poison ending she reveals why this is. She makes two types of the food, a harmless green set, and a half-poisoned set in white. She packs her lunches very specifically to ensure the Player only gets the poison if they upset her.

In the main ending she uses Ravioli to do it, but in another ending she will use Omelette to kill the friends instead.


Player - Mia claims she's known them for a long time, and while the Player is kind towards her they find her to be annoying at times. In the good ending, the Player realizes they actually do love Mia, and promise to stay by her side while she recovers.

Classmates - Everyone thought Mia was cute and talented, but because of her quiet nature they keep distant. She had no interest in them at all.

Friends - Mia pretends to be shy and quiet around them, and they interpret her behavior as a sign she may actually like them. In reality she just thought they had to be gotten rid of because they were in her way.


In one of the Ending Scenerio, Mia will kill herself by jumping out of the school window- after grabbing the Player character.


"It's wrong! It's wrong! It's wrong! It's wrong! It's wrong!"


  • Though Mia's full name was never stated in the game, according to artwork on Zero-Q's (the author) DeviantArt page, her full name is "Mia Murakami".
  • Revealed in the Good Ending of the game, it is revealed Mia lost her parents in a plane crash some years prior to the game. This is hinted to have something to do with her mental state.


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