"Will you dye Mayu in your color, oo-san? Come on, hurry…"

Mayu Sakuma
Mayu SS
Age 16
Birthday September 7th
Occupation Model (former)


Weapon Ribbons (Theorized)
Series Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls
Voice Actress Yui Makino

Mayu Sakuma is one of the Cute-type Idols from Idol M@ster Cinderella GirlsShe has an episode of the anime dedicated to her and several cards in the Game. Since being made she has become one of the "Master Collection" Idols from the series.



Mayu is a teenager with a petite, but curvy frame. She has a relaxed expression with low drooping, dark teal eyes, and medium-length pale brown hair curled on her shoulders with straight cut bangs. 

Mayu's attire frequently changes, as both a former model and current Idol. Her outfits are normally depicted to be frilly with ribbons and heart accessories, often coming in shades of pink. Her normal hair accessory is a ribbon, often attached to a headband to match the ribbon she ties somewhere on her body.


Mayu is noted by other Idols to be a very friendly and compassionate. She is helpful and sweet; but her entire personality changes whenever the Producer appears. While she seems to be normal, a darker nature is often noticed by savvy personalities. She is extremely determined and believes in the Red Strings of Fate with her whole being, and puts her knowledge to "bad use" by keeping tabs on the Producer and what they do, how often, and when.

In the blink of an eye Mayu is quick to slip into suspicion and making passive-aggressive threats and is known for being stealthy. At times Mayu can also be temperamental and enjoys talking about the Producer, even showing yandere traits if others get annoyed or try to make her stop. She is extremely demanding when it comes to getting the Producer to "confess their feelings".


Mayu was a model and fairly normal, average teen until she spotted the Producer. She quit her career and it was love at first sight. It is said her hobbies are knitting and cooking, but its implied that these may be written in by the "staff" to cover up her stalking- which she normally invests all of her time doing. She became an Idol to make sure the Producer only focused on her.


Producer - Mayu is heavily obsessed with the Producer and collects several things of them or from them. She's also broke into their home to watch them sleep, and into their car to hide in the back seat. In the Drama CDs the Producer is aware of her Yandere nature and tries to gently handle her. In the cards she can express a somewhat "lewd" side around them and often tries to show off her body or beckon them to join her. 

Other Idols - Most of the Idols seem not to mind Mayu, finding her cute, if a bit weird. The more savvy Idols are quite aware of how dangerous she can be and keep their distance or try to diffuse any possible issues.


The ribbons Mayu normally wears are depicted by fandom to strangle other Idols or tie and bind the Producer. However, she has not been officially shown acting violently outside of implications and during her Drama CD- in which she sounded as though she was getting close to resorting to Murder until being calmed.


"Please, don't ever leave Mayu alone."

"This ribbon will always connect you and Mayu, oo-san…"

"oo-san’s working figure, is just so very charming…"


  • Her image color is Vivid Pink.
  • Her official sizes are 78-54-80
  • She is an only child.
  • Her modeling career was for a Lolita Magazine.
  • Her image songs are Everyday Dream and Aikurushii (Charming), which she sung with another Idol.
    • She also covered the song "Dare Yori Suki Nano ni" (Even When I Love You More Than Anyone Else).


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