MAYU f illust
Age 15
Birthday May 6
Occupation Vocaloid
Weapon Axe
Series Vocaloid3

Mayu is a Japanese Vocaloid developed and created by Exit Tunes. She is the only official Yandere Vocaloid so far.



Mayu is youthful in appearance, looking younger than most official Vocaloid. Her fair skin compliments her large, golden eyes and hip-length, wavy platinum hair with rainbow streaks. Her bangs are slightly parked with shoulder-length forelocks.

Mayu is a gothic-lolita and wears mainly black, doll-like outfits with musical accents. Her main outfit is a black frilly dress with amplifier buttons and knobs on the torso, along with red neon lighting to match the bows at her neck and on her skirt. The second layering of her skirt resembles a keyboard. She wears basic black boots with ruffled cuff and red lighting accent, along with black lace gloves with the same lights on her fingers, and a black lace hat with a red bow and a single speaker attached to it. On each ear is a black in-ear headphone with gold decorations. 


Mayu switches between hot and cold rapidly, much like any other yandere. She normally looks delicate and gentle, but can become cold and ruthless if pushed. Her mentality is that of a middle school student, possibly meaning she could be a chuunibyou, or just that she is childish.


Mayu's image item is an axe to represent her Yandere nature.

She also has a personal microphone attached to her stuffed rabbit, Usano Mimi. Whenever she uses it to sing her hands are normally wrapped around its neck- as if to strangle it.




  • Guard of Loneliness
  • Dying to Kiss You
  • Escape from Dystopia
  • Blue
  • My Earnest Unrequited Love, This Small Happiness I Wish to Bear Fruit
  • A Lie and a Stuffed Rabbit
  • Blood-Stained Switch
  • Love Logic
  • Mr. Deja-vu
  • Heart to Heart
  • I Don't Wanna Know


  • Panda Hero
  • Circus Monster
  • Hide and Seek
  • Blood Teller
  • Rugrats Theory
  • World is Mine



  • She is one of the only Vocaloid with no information regarding her voice provider.
  • Her hair is vaguely reminiscent of Korean (and later Japanese) Vocaloid, SeeU.


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