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Matsuri Carnaval
Kanji 祀利・カルナヴァル
Weapon Handgun
Series Kurukuru Fanatic
Voice Actress Saori Yukito

Matsuri Carnaval is one of the main characters in Kurukuru Fanatic, a game staring a young man who returns from the dead and must find his killer within five days or else die again. Unfortunately the signs point to Fanuel, the angel who revived him, and his three friends, all Yandere with their own agenda.



Matsuri appears to be the youngest of the girls and has a pale complexion and large blue eyes. Her long blonde hair is slightly curled on end, with her thick forelocks curling towards her face to cover her ears. On her head she wears a white fluffy beret and two black rabbit head clips, each with red eyes.

Matsuri wears a pale pink dress under a dark pink jacket and a red scarf with white pom-pom sewn to the end. She also wears white tights.


Matsuri has the looks of a cute young girl and has no problem using this to get whatever she wants. She is childish and highly immature, which covers her vengeful and darker nature.





She carries a Handgun on her person and is shown aiming it at others in various images.



  • Height: 146cm, Weight: 38kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 72-48-78cm


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