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Makoto Aizawa
Kanji 相沢 真琴
Age Between 13-19
Occupation Student
Series The Shadows of Pygmalion
Voice Actress Eri Kitamura

Makoto Aizawa is a side character from the visual novel Negai no Kakera to Hakugin no Agreement. She is a classmate and friend of the player character, Mina Hajiro.



Makoto has a fair complexion with short-medium length slightly wavy pink hair reaching her shoulders, pulled back into a ponytail held with a dark blue and black band. Her bangs are brushed to the right with her short, fluffy forelocks reaching the top of her chest. She wears two dark blue rose clips on the left side of her head. She has sharp, matching pink eyes.


Makoto is close to her good friend and extremely clingy. She doesn't really enjoy sharing her and can become extremely envious. She is girly with an interest in chatting or sharing gossip in her spare time.




Mina -




  • Makoto vaguely resembles Laura Sakuraba from Aikatsu Stars!
    • Both girls have pink hair worn in a similiar hair style
    • They both also accent their hair with a dark ornament towards the back


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