Maika Saito
Occupation Student
Weapon Box cutter
Series Yandere: I Love You So I Have To Kill You
Voice Actress Kasuga Ooka

Maika Saito is one of the Love Interests from the obscure Visual Novel Yandere: I Love You So I Have To Kill You.



Maika has very long, straightened black hair with a small amount of it pulled over her shoulder that reaches her chest with a small braid held with a white ribbon. Her bangs are tented on the side. She has bright pink Tsurime eyes.

Maika is normally depicted in a pink and white school uniform accented with a dull cyan bow.


Maika has little to no confidence due to being consistantly bullied. She is very shy and quiet, and can become clingy towards those who show even a little kindness. She often apologizes for everything- much to the point of annoyance in others.

Due to being bullied so much, she is actually a masochist and embraces self-torture, such as cutting her wrists or piercing her chest with safety pins.

She also has an interest in horror-based things.



Uses a boxcutter for attacking and self-harm.


Subaru - Stabs him after stabbing herself in an ending.

Yuumi -

Saki -


Subaru - Younger than Subaru and Saki, she first fell for Subaru after he helped her feel better when the other girls bullied her. Despite his tendencies he is very much against bullies and he bonded with her through this. He finds her to be annoying though, due to being overly apologetic. At one point in the game she breaks into the home to move things around whenever Subaru isn't there, for reasons unknown.

Yuumi - Hates her, with the feeling mutual.

Saki - Saki hates her.


Due to her masochistic tendencies, she at one point will stab herself in the stomach while having sex with Subaru to the point of rubbing her bruised, bleeding organs against him and stab him to death. 

In another ending she is accidentally strangled to death when Subaru gave into her masochistic request.




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