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Occupation Student
Weapon Axe
Series Limit Panic
Voice Actress Shoubee

Kyouka Shiromiya is one of the love interests in Limit Panic. A game about a girl and her little sister spending time with her friend during a trip. The girl is unaware that both vie for her attention and when trapped together in such small spaces leads them to acting out in ways she never saw coming.



Kyouka has a fair complexion with an underdeveloped frame and slanted blood-red eyes. She has long black hair and was shown wearing a gothic-style sundress with white accent.


An ojou type who doesn't seem to try very hard to cover or hide her true feelings.



Mana - 


Mana - Her close friend who she invited to spend time with her during a break from school. She loves her and had planned on using this time to reveal that.

Kurumi - She despises her and despite knowing she is Mana's sister she didn't care much for her feelings or opinions. Like Kurumi, she pretended to like her rival when Mana was around- then used her free time to plot ways of ridding of her. She had not intended for Kurumi to join their vacation and was extremely upset about it. 


She carries a fancy axe attached to a long metal staff.




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