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Occupation Student
Weapon Knife
Series Limit Panic
Voice Actress Chiroru Ooyama

Kurumi Ninose is one of the love interests in Limit Panic. She is the younger sister of the main character, Mana and is in love with her and takes advantage when she joins Mana at a friends for vacation.



A fair complexion wth large, slightly slanted green eyes and a somewhat developed body. She has medium-long orange hair worn loose with a small amount pulled into pigtails held with tiny yellow beads.

Her normal attire is composed of a white parka top with blue lining over a yellow and blue top.  


Like most younger sisters, she has a tendency to appear cute and playful and act mischievously. She is shown to have a sexual side, such as flashing or removing parts of her clothing in front of Mana and takes pride in knowing she has a bigger chest than Kyouka.



Mana -  A well-known one spoiled in the games trailer. She embraces her sister, then stabs her in the back.


Mana - Her older sister she is obsessed with. She is open and honest about her feelings and has no problem resorting to murder if someone gets in her way to be with her.

Kyouka - She despises her for stealing Mana's attention but fakes a friendly attitude with her whenever Mana is around.


She prefers large knives.




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