Kanna Totomi
Kanji 尊海 神無
Weapon Kitchen Knife
Series My Harem Heaven is Yandere Hell
Voice Actress Isomura Tomomi

Kanna Totomi is one of the characters from My Harem Heaven is Yandere Hell. A game about a young man surrounding by three childhood friends in love of him and unwilling to share him with anyone else- even each other if it comes to that.



Kanna has a fair complexion with blue Tsurime eyes and long straightened black hair reminiscent of a hime cut, but with longer forelocks. She is taller than Sayuri and Haruka, but lacks their body developement.

She normally wears the school uniform, while her casual attire consists of a pale beige shirt with grey lining and a black skirt.

When younger, Kanna wore her hair short. Her outfit consists of a white top lined in black beneath a black dress.


Kanna is stoic by default and comes off as cool, mature, and grown-up. However, this is mostly a front for her absent-mind and spacey moments. She has poor people skills and struggles with socializing, but she enjoys pulling pranks- normally on Yuuya, unless someone frustrates her. She is also a video game player and often refers to them while speaking in third person, treating herself like a pet from them at different points, or refering to bathing as an "event flag".

Since getting closer to Yuuya she has been putting her smarts to use to find various means of stalking him. At times she can also show a manipulative side, which is usually only encouraged by jealousy.

Kanna is unable to handle interaction with people she doesn't know. If forcing herself to act perfect and calm, she tends to go into hiding in random ways after the person or group leave. 


Kanna's Storyline


She uses an average kitchen knife.


Kayako Yuzuki - If playing on her route, she will be revealed as Kayako's murderer.

Yuuya - In Sayuri's route, Yuuya will attempt to pacify Sayuri by agreeing to what she said. He makes plans to confess what he knows to Haruka and Kanna, but upon meeting up with them in the Club Room they take turns harming him until he dies from the blood loss, feeling betrayed and upset with him.


Yuuya - Kanna is his older senpai. She normally, only shows her friendly and warm side towards him but enjoys showing this with the use of pranks or mean comments. He admires her professional side but wishes she would put it to good use, rather than neglect it.

Haruka - She enjoys messing with her and ticking her off, usually by using or bringing up Yuuya. While they often bicker, they agree on various things and get along somewhat easily.

Sayuri - As they both appear outwardly mature they usually get along until Yuuya comes up. She has no issue spying on her if she feels their trust is broken, and she tends to grow distant from her during the course of the game. It was revealed that a part of her feels responsible for the past and because when she saw it happening again she did nothing to stop it, enabling Sayuri's behavior.

Kayako - She didn't like her, although her opinions weren't as strong as Sayuri and Haruka's.

Parents - Kanna is neglected by her parents, as neither of them had actually wanted a child. They are rarely home and tend to act like she isn't there.


In one of Sayuri's bad endings, Sayuri will kill her, Haruka, and Shizua at school with her scissors after class ends. As students panic Sayuri reveals this to Yuuya, claiming that they were only demons that had to be taken care of.



  • Out of the three main girls, Kanna is the only one to wear tights with the school uniform.
  • Kanna is the only girl with both a realistic hair and eye color.


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