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Kagome Otogiri
Kanji 弟切 かごめ
Birthday February 29
Occupation Otaku, School Student
Weapon Knife
Series Kurukuru Fanatic
Voice Actress Nazuna Gogyou

Kagome Otogiri is one of the main characters in Kurukuru Fanatic, a game staring a young man who returns from the dead and must find his killer within five days or else die again. Unfortunately the signs point to Fanuel, the angel who revived him, and his three friends, all Yandere with their own agenda.



Kagome is a thin, somewhat lanky looking girl with a pale complexion and red Tsurime eyes. Her medium-length pale blue hair is worn in low braided twin-tails, each held with a ribbon. She has several locks of hair sticking up, including a large curled cowlick. She wears glasses.

Kagome's normal outfit is composed of a pale yellow sweater over a white top, a large red tie, and a brown pleat skirt.


Kagome is a meek and very unpopular girl and classmate of the Main Character. She is very reserved and shy to a fault, covering her much more perverted personality, and over the course of the game is prone to going insane and being tortured.





A knife.


In one route of the game she is killed.



  • Height: 154cm, Weight: 50kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 80-65-88cm


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