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Isora Ariake
Kanji いそら 有明
Series Yandere Big Sister’s Brother-Raising Diary
Voice Actress Sayaka Kinohara

Isora Ariake is a character from the visual novel Yandere Big Sister’s Brother-Raising Diary. A game about a young man who decides to leave home in hopes of growing as a person- only for his twin sisters to take him prisoner.



Isora resembles Sakuya, her sister, with various small differences. Her pale complexion is accented with bright red eyes and long, straightened dark grey hair with short fluffy bangs framing the top of her face and long forelocks going past her chest.

To compliment her childish sister, she wears darker, mature outfits. At one point she also wears cosplay attire, such as wedding gowns and nurse uniforms.


As the oldest sister, Isora appears to be the most mature. However, she is also very delicate and gentle, believing herself to be no better than a pig or the gum stuck on sidewalks. She is naturally pessimistic about life, to the point of thinking anything good must have an ulterior motive, and that she is deserving of everything bad that comes her way. She hates herself.




Sakuya - 

Brother -





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