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Kanji レア
Birthday Jan 9th
Occupation Deity
Weapon Natural Abilities
Series Twinkle ☆ Crusaders

IIIyear is one of two added heroine's in the fandisc for Twinkle ☆ Crusaders. After a student becomes the student council president at Ryuusei Academy in hopes of gaining free benefits due to being from a poor family, he is also put in charge of getting rid of the denizens of hell that appear in town. But his world is thrown through a loop after learning his father was the previous King of Demons and he must succeed him.



Illear has a fair complexion and a childish body. Her slanted, large yellow eyes are complimented with very long white hair worn to the side in two-part ponytail, while her long bangs are worn loose with a small amount pinned up with a fuchsia clip. To the side of her head is a white rose with an ice blue tint.

Illear wears a sheer mint dress with white flowers sewn around the bottom and long teal ribbon making the shoulder straps flowing behind her.


Illear appears to be a curious and young Deity with a childish nature. She can be highly selfish and stubborn, usually when it comes to getting food or having fun, rather than doing work or losing something she prioritizes as important. She loves eating- nearly as much as she loves the main character, and often thinks about ruling alongside him.





As a Deity, Illear has several skills. Including the ability to destroy things or cause hallucinations. She is also able to manipulate others through hypnotizing them.



  • She loves to eat meat, but hates snacks.


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