Weapon A Pair of Scissors
Series Yanderella

Honoka is one of the two girls who appear in Yanderella. A game made using RPGMaker by Charon about a boy reuniting with his two good friends from the past and slowly realizing that they have both changed- but not for the better.



Honoka has a fair complexion and buxom figure. She has medium-long, raspberry hair worn with bangs sticking up on end and white ribbons tied around her straightened forelocks. Her eyes are dark pink.

Her attire consists of a brown tank-top and a long black skirt.


Normally she is a brash tomboy who can be a light Tsundere with Yatarou at times. She is mature and kind genuinely, and takes great pride in knowing how much attention she gives to those she cares about.

However, she is reserved in regards to her feelings. Over the course of the game she grows depressed, seeing how close Yatarou is with Hinata- even though she's been gone for so long. At times she can also be stubborn, and struggles to be honest with her feelings. She laments over causing others pain.

Late in the game it iss implied she has a split-personality.


Honoka woke up Yatarou to remind him they would be meeting with an old friend who returned to see them after moving to Tokyo years prior. The trio unite and begin hagning out, but as Yatarou notices how different the girls are, Honoka finds herself depressed noticing how happy he is with Hinata being back.

Eventually, she confesses her feelings for him and takes off, lamenting over her friendship with Yatarou and how Hinata caused them to suffer. But when she tried to admit her feelings to Hinata in hopes of getting her to understand, she snapped when Hinata bluntly told her off.


Hinata - Having snapped when Hinata cruely rejects her pleas to back off from Yatarou, she shows up at his place while they prepare to have sex. After pulling out a pair of scisors she knocked Yatarou unconcious after proclaiming her love. Hours later Yatarou regains conciousness with Honoka there. She brings up that they have been dating for a while and unable to recall anything he believes her, mentioning the dream he had about Hinata returning. Just as they are about to share a kiss, he happens to spot a bloody package on the floor and Honoka confesses to killing her.

Yatarou - After she reveals that she killed Hinata she turns on him by cutting off his genitalia with her scissors. It is implied he dies from the assault and blood-loss. 


Yatarou - She was in love with him since they were younger and remained faithful to him as they grew up. But knowing that Hinata's leaving severly ruined his life, she felt much pain in knowing she was unable to help him. She remained by his side this entire time, but deep down resented the fact he cared more about Hinata when she wasn't there for him.

Hinata -  From the past they were good friends. After reuniting, Honoka tried to be kind to her again- covering her resentment. She still cared about Hinata and her feelings, but when Hinata revealed she stopped thinking about her as a friend years ago and mocked her, Honoka was left broken-hearted by the betrayel.


Honaka wields a pair of scissors.


In Hinata's Route, Honoka is killed and mutilated after Hinata knocks out Yatarou. She was found bound by a rope on a wall after Yatarou awakens to notice the body.




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