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Hiyori Akishima
Kanji 昭島 ひより
Occupation Student
Series Class Zenin Ore no Yome ~"Watashi-tachi no Karada wa Anata no Mono" Joshi Zenin Pet Sengen~
Voice Actress Nana Aikawa

Hiyori Akishima is a character from an older visual novel Class Zenin Ore no Yome ~"Watashi-tachi no Karada wa Anata no Mono" Joshi Zenin Pet Sengen~. A game staring a young man who suddenly finds girls unable to resist him after a demon mishears his wish and grants it.



Hiyori has a pale complexion and slanted, dark grey eyes. Her frame is somewhat small in comparison to the other girls. She has very long grey hair worn in a hime cut, with her forelocks ending at her chest and her bangs mid-eye length.

She wears the white and red school uniform with a purple and black bolero over it, accented with white collar and cuff lined in red to match the red ribbon sewn to the back. Her skirt is longer than most of the other students.


Hiyori is a meek girl who keeps to herself. She isn't exactly shy or timid, but she doesn't really enjoy the company of others at first. She begins stalking Fuyuki after falling for him. A yamato nadeshiko type.




Fuyuki -




  • She is 155cm tall
  • Bust-Waist-Hips: 86-49-88cm


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