Haruka Arisue
Occupation Student
Weapon Baseball Bat
Series My Harem Heaven is Yandere Hell

Haruka Arisue is one of the love interests in My Harem Heaven is Yandere Hell. A game about a young man surrounding by three childhood friends in love of him and unwilling to share him with anyone else, causing trouble to arise with the upcoming school festival and the threat of losing their after school club.



Haruka has a fair complexion with light caramel eyes and medium-long pink hair pulled into a side-tail with curled forelocks reaching her chest. While she is shorter than most her age, she has a noticeable large bust.

She normally wears the school uniform with a dark blue ribbon for her hair.

Her casual attire consists of a short blue buttoned shirt over dark blue and pink striped material starting from her chest and reaching her neck. Worn over it is a white blouse without fastened buttons. Her school hair ribbon is switched for a yellow one.

When younger, Haruka's hair was the same but shortened without ribbons. She wore a Parka with short sleeves and a pair of denim short-shorts.


As a tomboy Haruka is naturally gifted with all sports, using her energetic and hot-blooded nature to bring others to victory. As a result, her studies suffer and she is terrible with most feminine things. However, she does her best to do well for those she cares for.

Haruka is genuinely kind and friendly, and shows an older-sister personality with children- who she appears to be very popular with. 

Despite her lack of femininity, she is very playful and flirty. She loves to dip into fanservice but appears to be very innocent-minded and delicate. She tends to let her mind wonder and is distracted by minor details, such as worrying the underwear Yuuya saw her wearing wasn't cute enough, rather than the fact he walked in on her mostly naked.

When in a violent mood swing Haruka is shown to become blinded by rage and is unaware of her surroundings.


Haruka's Storyline


As a girl who enjoys baseball, she has took to the bat as a means of defense, growing to use it as a means of harm as well. This also causes her to look suspicious at several points in the game, due to a bat being left around various locations.


Kayako YuzukiEdit

  • In her route, Haruka is revealed to be her murderer after witnessing her kiss Yuuya.


  • In Sayuri's route he helplessly watches as she proclaims that he chose her. He agrees with her after noticing she isn't herself and makes plans to clear things up with Haruka and Kanna after, but when he meets up with them they are too blinded by feelings of betrayel to listen and murder him.


Yuuya - Haruka adores him as a close friend and fell for him fairly quick. Her mind appears to be only preoccupied by him and how she can please him, to the point that she is liable to go off the deep end should she feel useless to him and might suggest killing the both of them or herself. She prides herself in knowing she's been there for him more than their friends. Yuuya seems to share feelings for Haruka and is unable to hurt her feelings. He struggles to avoid being perverted around her and tends to be affectionate with her, such as gestures of approval or allowing her to lay on him when she was sick.

Kanna - Back before they became friends, Kanna bullied Haruka out of a desire to know her- but was unsure of how to do this. Growing up they continue to have this dynamic, often bickering over trivial things but agreeing on a lot of other things- mainly when it involves Yuuya.

Sayuri - Her second childhood friend who she was seemingly close with in the past. As of current they act as though they are still friends but there is apparent tension, although she will admit that she appreciates her affection for the group as a whole.

Kayako - After meeting her, she was quick to get a "homewrecker" vibe from her and didn't like her.


In one of Sayuri's bad endings, Sayuri kills her while at school with a pair of scissors, citing Haruka, Kanna, and Shizuka to be denoms trying to ruin everything and only pretending to be her friend.


"So I'll protect you. I'll chase away all the weirdos, okay?"


  • When unhappy, Haruka often goes on frequent rampages and messes up classrooms. By now nobody pays it any mind, nor does she seem to get in trouble for it.
  • Haruka got banned from an Amusement Park for beating up a "mummy" and rendering him unconcious after being startled.
  • She knows how to juggle.
  • Of the three girls, Haruka is implied to be the main love interest.
  • She is the only main girl in the game to have an unrealistic hair color.
    • Her pink hair is opposite of Yuuya's blue hair. Pink is usually associated with girls, while blue is often associated with boys.
  • She has been scouted for college sports teams.
  • Despite showing the most yandere personality, she is viewed as the least harmless because of how open she is about her feelings.


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