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Kanji ファヌル
Occupation Angel, Shinigami
Series Kurukuru Fanatic
Voice Actress Ami Machida

Fanuel is one of the main characters in Kurukuru Fanatic, a game staring a young man who returns from the dead after Fanuel revives him. But if he is unable to find his killer within five days, he will die again. Unfortunately the signs point to Fanuel and his three friends, Matsuri, Kagome, and Wazuka; all Yandere with their own agenda.



Fanuel has a fair complexion and the body of a young boy, being very flat and tomboyish- she does not look like a girl. She has amber Tsurime eyes and messy white hair pulled into a ponytail, held with a blue band. She has white and pale blue angel wings and a large halo.

Fanuel wears a black sleeve-less parka hoodie with a winged skull design, goggles, and dark blue short-shorts. On her wrists are red ribbon, and she wears earrings.


Naturally cynical, Fanuel doesn't really have much faith in the main character. She is the least-feminine in the group and isn't too friendly. She is easily amused by the main character's misfortune. 







  • Height: 150cm, Weight: 50kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 80-58-83cm


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