Art-clara 1838
Occupation Air Pirate
Series Skies of Arcadia

Clara is a character from the game Skies of Arcadia. Unlike most Yandere, her obsessive love is played for laughs rather than horror.



Clara has the looks of a princess. With long brown hair pulled up and wavy, tent-style bangs framing her face. She wears a fuchsia princess dress-styled jacket on top of a white dress, with the skirt split down the center and held by several straps. The dress and gown is accented with frills, lace, and red material, and raspberry-colored bows. She wears brown boots with blue spheres sewn to them.


The nicest stalkers ever met. Clara is friendly and sweet, with a fondness for baking pies for others. She can be a bit air-headed and may not focus on anything else besides her obsession, leading others to quickly write her off or not think of her as a threat.

However, as a Pirate of the Sky, she is a threat to be messed with. While not openly violent towards others - if someone tries to lay a hand on her love and harm him, she has no problem opening fire on them or making them pay for it.




Gilder - Her love interest who she only thinks about. She doesn't get clingy or envious when he's with others, and he actually seems to reciprocate her feelings a bit. Its hinted they both seem to enjoy the chase.




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