Ayumi Shinozaki is responsible for a number of deaths, mainly due to the darkening taking over her after her despair and stress makes her a target.



  • In one ending of the game, she jealously burns Naomi's paper scrap to trap her in Heavenly Host, then beats her to death. But to her horror she learns afterwards that the scrap was neccessary for escape.
  • In the Musume manga she stabs Naomi's corpse repeatedly before cutting it apart.


  • The Tortured Souls OVA ends with her and Naomi convincing him to partake in a ritual resulting in both girls gaining one of his severed arms.
  • In another attempt at a ritual to bring back their friends she accidentally kills him. 
  • In one of the first games remakes, after a failed attempt to appease Sachiko, she will suddenly stab him.


  • In the Musume Manga she pushes him off of a cliff. However, he did live from the attack.
  • In a bad ending route after being possessed she pushes him down a flight of stairs and watches as he dies.
  • In a few routes he will be killed by the anatomical model if he decides to sacrifice himself to protect her.
    • His failure to save her from it causes his implied suicide in other routes.
  • Indirectly caused his death after he finds her corpse cut in half from the piano wire he unknowingly set off in another room and she ran into it. Before he can react another wire appears and slices through him.


  • Attempts to kill her in the Musume manga while possessed by Sachiko.
  • After stabbing Satoshi in one bad ending, she is implied to target her next.


  • Incidentally caused her death after Hinoe protected her and they embraced. Hinoe is suddenly decapitated with Ayumi reacting in horror.