• In a fit of jealousy she burns Naomi's paper scrap to trap her in Heavenly Host, then beats her to death. This soon turns on her after realizing the paper scrap was necessary for escape.
  • In the Musume manga she stabs Naomi's corpse repeatedly, then cuts it up.


  • In the Tortured Souls OVA she, Naomi, and Satoshi performed a ritual that resulted in each girl getting one of his severed arms.
  • In another ritual attempt she accidentally kills him.
  • In a bad ending of the first games remake she will stab Satoshi after they try to appease Sachiko.


  • In the Musume Manga she pushes him off of a cliff. However, he did live from the attack.
  • In a bad ending route she pushes him down a flight of stairs and watches him die after vital organs are pierced.
  • Incidentally gets him killed if he sacrifices himself to protect her from the anatomical model in a few routes.
  • Indirectly caused his death after he finds her cut-in-half corpse from a piano wire she ran into. Before he can react to it, a second piano wire appears and slices through him.


  • Attempts to kill her in the Musume manga while possessed by Sachiko.
  • After stabbing Satoshi she turns to her as her next target.


  • Incidentally causes her death by trying to save her deceased friends. Hinoe arrives to save Ayumi but as the sisters embrace, Hinoe is suddenly decapitated, leaving Ayumi to stare in alarm as blood pools around her.

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