This page details the many various ways Ayumi Shinozaki from Corpse Party can be killed or harmed throughout the series.


  • After Yoshiki saves her from the anatomy model and is killed Ayumi finds a strange mark on her neck at home the following day. She scrubs and claws at it until she loses conciousness from blood loss.
  • Stubbornly refuses to listen to Yoshiki after sticking her arm into the mouth of a statue. The statue then bites down on her arm.
  • Sacrifices herself in vain.

Other CausesEdit

Corpse PartyEdit

  • Killed by the anatomy model.
  • If the player pulls on the levers in a nearby classroom that raises the bridge in the hall Ayumi will try to get back to Yoshiki. In her hurry she is unable to avoid the piano wire which then cuts her in half. Her body is found by Yoshiki, but before he can avoid harm another wire is released, slicing him in half.
  • Eaten by Yoshiki while possessed. He momentarily snaps out of it to realize it was his own doing, breaking him and allowing the possession to resume as he continues eating.
  • Suffocated within darkness.
  • While she resides in the locker room, Yoshiki checks around the pool until he can locate a drainage key. By the time he drains the pool he finds Ayumu's partially mangled corpse inside the drain.
  • Drowning
  • Found dead by Morishige, who slowly succumbs to the darkening after mourning for her and trying to find a way to bring something of her back to her family.
  • Killed by Mayu's spirit.
  • Drowns in blood filling the girls restroom.
  • A ghosts touch causes her body to corrode and fall apart.
  • Suffocated and crushed by sand.
  • Impaled by a creatures tenticles.
  • Killed by a spirit.
  • Slammed repeatedly into Yoshiki until their corpses are reduced to a gory mess.
  • Multilated by several red helms' axes.
  • Decaptitated (in 3 different endings)
  • Stabbed repeatedly while choking on her own blood.
  • Squished by a wall.
  • A corpse attacks her and kills her.
  • Torn apart by a witch's magic.
  • The witch sends her to a strange world where it appears everyone is alive and well again and she happily embraces this, while it is revealed she has gone crazy and is surrounded by their corpses instead.

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