Ayase Aragaki
Kanji 新垣あやせ
Occupation Student, Model
Series Oreimo
Voice Actress Saori Hayami

Ayase Aragaki is a character from the Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai/Oreimo series. She is a model and a good friend with her classmate and fellow model, Kirino.



Ayase has a fair complexion with dull blue eyes and long black hair. Most of her bangs are brushed to the right, parted at the center, with her forelocks reaching her shoulders.


Ayase is a kind and protective friend who does what she can to make those she cares about happy. She can become clingy at times towards them and is viewed as a Yamato Nadeshiko type with a Tsundere attitude.

When she is unhappy with someone she feigns kindness, but can be cold and ruthlessly mean if she doesn't care about them at all. She slowly progressed into a Yandere, but while she doesn't get explicitly violent, it is implied- although not too many find themselves surprised by this side of her. She usually tries to joke about it.

She is highly prejudice against Otaku, having been biased by the media's treatement of them- and is perfectly willing to tun her back on those she likes if they are associated with them. But over time she starts hating them less.



Kyousuke - In one of her routes in the Visual Novel she kills him. This ending is seen as a parody, with Kyousuke noticing and warning the player to save the game before they have to make the final decision to determine which ending he gets.


Kirino - Due to their friendship she was extremely protective over her, and despite her crush on Kyousuke, she is also shown having feelings for Kirino. After finding out she is an Otaku a rift occurred between them until Kyousuke claimed it was his fault (which she pretended to believe to be friendly with Kirino again), and tries to be supportive.

Kyousuke - Due to her lingering feelings for him, she holds a small grudge after he teased her about marriage sometime in the past. In a Season 2 episode she makes a love confession to him, which he rejected despite her claims that she would kill him if he didn't accept it. He tends to panic whenever seeing her with a knife. In one of the endings in the Game she can become pregnant by him.

Kanako - Another classmate and model she knows. They are both prejudice against the otaku culture, but they attempt to tolerate it after they learn of Kirino's interests. While they are friends, she has a tendency not to think of her very highly and can be rude to her.

Kuroneko - They often bicker or argue, being "love rivals" for Kyousuke.

Manami - They surprisingly strike up a friendship while Kirino was staying in America at some point in the series. She is usually the one able to calm Ayase down during her Yandere mood.


The knife is her icon item. She was shown threatening Kyousuke with it to make him study, and also flailed one around after finding porno in his home. This knife also appears in the ending theme of the series, which depicts her in chibi form running towards an unseen victim with matching knives in the background. Her episode titles often have knife drawings as well.



  • Her measurements: Height: 166cm, Weight: 44kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 80-56-83cm
  • There is a fan blog for her in the series under the name "Lovely My Angel Ayase-tan".


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