Airi Hasekura
Birthday April 10
Occupation Student, Club President, Scientist
Series Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete
Voice Actress Rino Kawashima

Airi Hasekura is one of the Main Characters in Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete. All of the club leaders must work hard to make their club the best for the School Festival, and one of them, the Astronomy Club works to solve issues in place of the Student Council on top of that. A strange girl appears one evening and expresses a desire to join them.



Airi has a fair complexion and blue Tareme eyes. Her medium-length black hair is worn in straightened twin-tails, each held with a white and black ribbon. She has straight cut bangs ending at the top of her eyes.


A perky and friendly tomboy. She is carefree, but at the same time very smart and a little stubborn or arrogant when her ideals or comments may be challenged. She is reliable as the Club President, and takes the role seriously. She is skilled in just about everything, and can also understand Nagisa's odd quirks. It is hinted that a part of her personality is fake, and she is extremely possessive over those she is close to.



She rapes ___ at one point.







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